Google Business Listings

Google Business Listings

Google business listings are one of the most important things you can do to gain more business. In order to increase Google’s visibility, numerous companies develop a Google company list (known officially as a Business Profile). If you have a Business profile on Google, you may not realize that your profile does not automatically allow you to manage it, and if you want your business profile to operate for you, you will need the management and editing abilities.

So how do you manage your business profile with Google? The solution is that you need to independently create a free Google My Business account for that profile in addition to building a business profile.

You can only claim ownership, get management rights to your business profile and unlock extra free tools to boost your Google exposure through a Google My Business Account.

With two of the biggest search engines in the world, Google has an impressive portfolio. The number of people that come through them is greater than any other. Optimizing your business’s listing with them so that you appear at the top of their listing is imperative.

Google business listings or (GMB – Google My Business) is different from your website. Despite having a professional looking site and it being fully optimized, you might not be ranked in the top 3 companies in your market. How does that happen? Well it is simple your website is not the same as your business profile or even your Google listing.

Getting listed and ranked properly on Google requires understanding the in’s and out’s of Google. That is where we come in. We specialize in getting you and your business listed properly and optimized so that anyone typing those famous words, “________ near me”, you show up at the top.

What is Google My Business?

Creating a Business Profile is the same thing as adding a place to Google Maps—which is something that anyone (including a random stranger or an automated listing generator) can do. All that Google requires is the business name, location, and category. Once Google confirms it is not a duplicate, they will create the Business Profile for that location. The Business Profile is then open to consumers to leave reviews, add photos, ask questions, and even answer questions. The Business Profile may also get populated with information that Google pulls in from across the web.

What this means is, a Business Profile can exist on its own, apart from a Google My Business account. And whether you created your own Business Profile or not, you don’t have the ability to manage the information it displays or the reviews it collects.

That is where Google My Business comes in. By creating a Google My Business account, you can access, customize, manage, and enhance your Business Profile on Google. This is free but you have to know what you are doing or do a lot of research to do it right.

This means that, apart from a Google My Business Account, a business profile could stand on its own. And whether or not you have made your own profile, you cannot manage the information that it displays or reviews that it collects.

Using Google My Business for local marketing

Our aim has been to demonstrate that Google My Business is not your Business Profile, but rather a tool that can help you increase your Business Profile’s visibility and effectiveness. Let’s look at four ways you can use Google My Business to make your local listing a better marketing tool.

1. Connecting with consumers

Consumers can interact with your Business Profile in a variety of ways, and you can engage back with them with your Google My Business account. Reviews can be responded to, questions can be answered, direct messaging can be enabled, and alerts can be set up. It’s even possible to publish posts in your Business Profile using Google My Business, just like you would on Facebook and other social media platforms.

2. Provide more information about your Business

You can only provide limited information in a Business Profile. Your Google My Business dashboard allows access to details such as operating hours, a URL for your website, products, prices, and other information that is unique to your business. Additionally, you can edit and update your Google My Business account as needed.

3. Learn how people are finding you

A Google My Business dashboard can help you gain key insights into your audience and local search information. You can see what queries customers use to find your profile, if they found you on Google Maps or Google Search, and how your images are performing compared to other profiles in your category on the analytics tab.

4. Optimize local search results

As Google uses algorithms for ranking its ads and websites, it also uses one for ranking Business Profiles. Using Google My Business, you can include keywords to optimize your Business Profile to make sure it ranks in local searches.

We can help you set up all of that process and even teach you how to use it effectively in your business. The most successful companies do this and you should to. Let us help. For a free quote call 973-498-8773.